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There are several things about filing for disability in North Carolina that you should know upfront. The first is that the claims process is long. Your initial claim, or disability application, may take 3-4 months before you get a decision. You can speed up the process, of course, if you 1) Provide Social Security with all the information that they need and 2) You do not miss appointments, such as for consultative medical examinations, and 3) You respond quickly to any additional requests for information which they need.

These requests for information may come from the Social Security office where you start your claim, or they may come from DDS, also known as Disability Determination Services. DDS is the agency that actually makes the decision on your claim and it is made by a disability examiner.

My advice for your claim

My advice would be to start your claim as efficiently as possible. By that, I mean that when you are first interviewed by a disability claims representative, have all your information ready. This would be your work history for the last 15 years, your medication information (have your pill bottles with you when you are being interviewed either in person or on the phone), and having a complete list of all your doctors, including their names, what they treat you for, when you were first seen by them, when you were last seen by them, and when your next appointment is.

Applying for disability in North Carolina is never an easy process. Having worked as a disability examiner making decisions on claims, I am well-aquainted with the many difficulties and long waits involved.

Social Security Disability North Carolina

If you have questions about getting disability in North Carolina, the pages listed here (More NC Disability questions) may be helpful. The answers are based on my experience as a disability claims examiner at NC DDS, a.k.a. North Carolina Disability Determination Services. If you need representation, use the form below to contact our office and let us know your situation.

My background

In addition to being a former disability examiner, I am also a non-attorney disability representative and to complement that I have also taken and passed the federal written examination that is administered by the Social Security Administration and which is authorized under Public Law No. 111-142, “The Social Security Disability Applicants’ Access to Professional Representation Act of 2010”. The purpose of this exam is to test knowledge of the relevant provisions of the Social Security Act and also knowledge of the most recent developments in SSA including court decisions that affect titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act.

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