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Successfully Apply for Your Benefits as Quickly as Possible

How to get Disability

by Tim Moore, ADR, North Carolina

Applying for Disability

Learn how to apply, how medical conditions are considered, how the decision process works, how many times you may be denied, how to file appeals, how to get your case status, and much more. Here we include important tips for your disability claim.

How long will disability take?

Based on my experience as an Examiner and Disability Representative, I can state that the process is slow. You can usually expect a decision in 90 days or less, but it can take up to 6 months. You should prepare yourself for a wait. The important thing is to keep track of your case and not give up. But…preparing well and having good representation can make a case move faster.

Your Disability Money

Can you work and file for disability, can you work while you are actually receiving disability, what does disability pay each month, what is the maximum back pay you can get, can you get temporary benefits, do you have to be permanently disabled, and more questions are answered here.

Winning Your Disability

To win disability benefits, you must meet the SSA definition of disability. How do you do that? Your medical records, work history, and statements from your doctors will help prove your case. The focus here is knowing what it takes to win your claim for disability.

Tips and Advice to Help Your Case

This section of SSDRC shows tips to help you prepare for applying, tips for your SSD or SSI disability interview, Tips to help you win your case, and a list of mistakes you should know about and avoid.

Doctors & Exams

Your medical records will determine if you get approved, but most people may not realize that Social Security stops getting your records if you have to request a hearing. That becomes the job of you or your representative. Social Security may also send you to an exam. Here we discuss medical records, what happens at a medical exam, and what to say at one.

Mental Disability Benefits

You can be approved for a mental condition alone, or it can add strength to the rest of your case. Always list your mental conditions even if you haven’t been treated for them. And if you take any type of mental medication, mention this when you file your claim. Many people neglect to focus on their mental conditions if they also have physical conditions and that is a mistake you should avoid.

Disability Resources

Learn about SSDRC and its author, former examiner and Accredited Disability Representative Tim Moore. Also discover an extensive list of tips to file for disability, mistakes you need to avoid, and many answers to questions that will help you understand the disability system.

North Carolina Residents Only

SSDRC is written by Accredited Disability Representative, Tim Moore, who is a former disability examiner for Social Security in North Carolina. The information on this site applies to all states, but this particular section answers questions if you live in North Carolna.

Good luck on your disability case and remember to never give up, because persistence really is the key to winning your disability benefits.

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