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Welcome to the Social Security Disability Resource Center.

SSDRC.COM is published by myself, Tim Moore. As a disability examiner, I learned how difficult Social Security made it find to find answers to basic questions. The goal of this site is to explain how the disability process works, and to point out tips, advice, and mistakes that should be avoided.

To learn about applications for disability, disability appeals and other topics, please view the list below. Please bookmark the site and check back for updates and additions.

Filing for Disability

For what medical conditions can you be approved for disability?

How, and when, to file your claim for disability benefits

Important tips on How to File for Your Disability

Filing for disability - Steps in filing and how long does it take?

Disability Tips, Advice, and Mistakes to Avoid

Financial Help When You Are Filing For Disability

Speeding up the Request for a Social Security Hearing

Common Mistakes after Receiving a Denial of Social Security Disability or SSI

Avoiding Mistakes to get your Disability Claim Approved

Disability Qualifications and Criteria

How do you actually qualify for disability?

What are the requirements for disability and how do I meet them?

What is the Social Security SSI list of impairments?

The disability list of conditions and how to qualify

Questions about Benefits

Can you get temporary Social Security Disability or SSI benefits?

How do you get disability back pay?

What is the maximum back pay you can get for Social Security Disability?

Do I need to be permanently disabled to get disability?

Are You Allowed to Work While Receiving or applying for disability?

Getting and checking your disability status

Social Security Disability Back pay and How Long it Takes to Qualify for it

Questions about being Approved

How long does it take to be approved for disability?

The approval process - How does your case get decided?

Four tips for getting disability approved

How do you prove your disability case if you have a mental condition?

Questions about disability lawyers and representation

Disability Appeals

How does the Social Security Disability Review work?

What Are the Chances of Winning Disability on an Appeal?

What are the chances of winning a Social Security Disability Benefits hearing?

What is the difference between a disability application and the reconsideration

How Long Does It Take To Get The Results Of A Disability Hearing?

How Many Times Will Social Security Disability Deny You before You Get Approved?

Mental Disability Benefits

What kind of Mental Problems Qualify for Disability?

How do you prove your disability case if you have a mental condition?

Winning Disability Benefits

How do I prove I am disabled and win disability benefits?

What Can I Do to Improve My Chances of Winning Disability Benefits?

How Likely are You to Win Your Disability Case?

Do I need an attorney to win disability?

Receiving a Social Security Disability Award Letter

Applying for Disability according to state of residence

Find a Disability Lawyer to help win your case

Answers to Questions about Disability

Social Security Disability SSI Questions and Answers

More Social Security Disability SSI Questions and Answers

Social Security Disability SSI Definitions

My Application for Disability was given a Denial by the Examiner

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About the Author

For the sake of clarity, SSDRC.com is not the Social Security Administration, nor is it associated or affiliated with SSA. SSDRC.com is published by Tim Moore, a former DDS Claims Examiner for Social Security Disability in North Carolina. DDS, or Disability Determination Services, is the state-level agency that make decisions on both Social Security Disability and SSI claims for the Social Security Administration. To learn more about the author: Tim Moore.