Social Security Disability SSI Awards and Award Notices

Receiving a Social Security Disability Award Letter
If your disability claim has been approved, you will receive an award letter and if your claim has been denied you will receive a denial letter.

How long will it take to start getting disability benefits after you have received an award notice?
Once your claim is back in your local office, a social security claims representative, or CR, completes all the necessary actions to get your claim into disability pay status.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability when does Medicare start?
Medicare based upon Social Security Disability will begin two years after the first date that you are entitled to receive a Social Security Disability benefit.

How does Social Security determine the amount of money you receive on disability?
Does the person who files for disability need to know what their DLI is, or even if they have become insured for SSD? Not really. The only thing that a claimant needs to be concerned with is initiating the application for disability (by contacting a social security office and arranging for a disability application interview).

Are Social Security Disability Benefits Taxable?
However, you "may or may not" have to pay tax on your disability benefits.

How severe must your condition be to be awarded Social Security Disability or SSI?
To be approved for SSD or SSI benefits, you must have a severe impairment that causes significant functional limitations.

If I am Awarded Social Security Disability Will My Benefits be Cutoff Later?
There is always the possibility that Social Security will cut off your disability benefits; that said, the majority of people who are approved for disability do not return to work, and continue to collect benefits until they either reach the age of full retirement, or until their death.

What conditions do they Award Disability Benefits for?
A person filing for disability can potentially be awarded on the basis of any condition. This is because the SSD and SSI programs do not focus on the disagnosis that a claimant has. Instead, attention is paid to the severity level of the individual's condition.

How Likely are You to Win Your Disability Case?
The likelihood of winning a disability case depends on several factors, such as 1) Your medical history and 2) Your age, level of education, and work history.

How far back are Social Security Disability benefits awarded on an appeal?
Regarding the differences between SSD and SSI, we should point out that, in the case of SSI, benefits can be paid all the way back to the time that the disability application was filed.

To get a Social Security Disability or SSI Award do you have to have a Permanent Disability?
The durational requirement of the social security administration definition of disability means that unless a disabling condition has this impact on a person's ability to work for at least 12 months, they cannot be considered fully disabled.

How do you find out if a Social Security Disability claim has been approved or even denied?
If your disability claim is denied or approved, Social Security will send you a notice of decision in the mail. Most often, if your disability claim has been denied, the state disability agency responsible for making the decision, will send you a denial letter.

Can Social Security Disability Benefits Be Awarded Quickly?
While most Social Security Disability applicants seem to wait extraordinary lengths of time to be awarded disability benefits, there are some situations in which disability benefits can be awarded more quickly.

What Percentage Of Social Security Disability or SSI Cases Does A Judge Deny?
The chance of being approved for Social Security Disability benefits dramatically improves at the administrative law judge hearing.

Does Your Last Job Determine If You Receive A Social Security or SSI Award?
Social Security uses a five-step sequential evaluation process to make their disability determinations. The last two steps of this process involve an evaluation of your ability to perform work activity or jobs.

How is Social Security Disability and SSI Awarded?
The disability examiner gives consideration to an individual's age, education, work history, and residual functional capacity (what an individual is able to do in spite of the limitations imposed upon them by the disabling condition), when an individual does not meet or equal the criteria established in the Social Security Impairment listings.

The Social Security Disability Approval Process and the Criteria for Decisions
What follows is a short description of the disability approval process, which will hopefully help claimants or even potential claimants understand the process by which Social Security Disability claims are approved.

How Long Will it Take To Get a Decision Letter from Social Security Disability?
The wait time for a decision letter from Social Security varies based on the case in question. In general, those who are denied benefits receive their notice fairly quickly because they have to meet the 65-day deadline for filing an appeal.

Check Amount on Social Security Disability Award Letter
This is a question from a reader. "My award letter gives me an amount I will receive minus medical deductions that are deducted monthly - Why is my check amount different?"

You Cannot get a Social Security Disability or SSI Award if you don't Provide SSA what they need
The key to this, of course, involves assisting the social security administration with gathering needed information, making sure the claimant does not provide faulty or insufficent evidence, and procuring qualified, detailed statements from a claimant's treating physician.

How To Get Disability Through SSDI or SSI Approved
There are really two different paths to being approved for disability benefits under either the title 2 Social Security Disability insurance program or the title 16 SSI disability program, and although neither one is better than the other, there are differences in the type of evidence that must be supplied before eligibility can be determined

Criteria for how Social Security Disability and SSI are awarded
All disability adjudicators (DDS examiners and judges) decide disability cases based on three basic criteria.

When Do You Get A Social Security Disability Award Letter And What Does It Say?
Your award letter will give you your monthly disability payment amount along with the date or month you are entitled to disability payments. It will also tell you the approximate date you should expect to receive your first disability payment.

The SSI Award Letter from Social Security
Unfortunately, most SSI award letters do not contain information about SSI disability back pay benefits. This is because back payment amounts are determined by manual computations after the end line interview.

The Social Security Award Notice after Disability Benefits are Awarded
The actual award letter from an administrative law judge hearing may take longer to receive because Social Security Disability hearing awards are sent to payment centers for processing rather than back to the local Social Security office.

The Social Security Disability award notice process in North Carolina
(This page was written for the site's North Carolina section, but, as the SSDI and SSI system is federal, the information is applicable to all states) If you get approved for disability benefits in North Carolina, under either the SSD or SSI program, you will receive two forms of notification. The first notification that you get will be a notice of decision.

Getting a Social Security Disability award in North Carolina
This page was written for the North Carolina section of the site but as the SSD and SSI system is federal, the information is applicable to all states. In most cases, getting a Social Security Disability award, or SSI award, in North Carolina will involve the following.

About the Author: Tim Moore is a former Social Security Disability Examiner in North Carolina, has been interviewed by the NY Times and the LA Times on the disability system, and is an Accredited Disability Representative (ADR) in North Carolina. For assistance on a disability application or Appeal in NC, click here.