What to say at a disability exam?

What should you say if you go to a Social Security Exam?

by Tim Moore, Disability Representative in North Carolina

What to say at a disability exam

Many disability applicants are apprehensive about these exams, afraid they will say or do something that will prompt the examining physician to write an unfavorable report. This fear is ungrounded, but easy enough to understand since many SSD applicants who have attended CEs report that the doctor performing the disability exam was nothing short of rude.

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If you attend a CE the best thing you can do is go to the appointment on time (missing scheduled exams could result in a denial of your claim). Then, simply tell the truth. Don’t try to tell your life story in there-—just answer the physician’s questions honestly. Also, don’t allow a bad attitude on the part of your physician to bully you into being overly compliant to the point that you pretend your medical condition and limitations aren’t that bad.

If you have pain or difficulty performing any physical or mental tasks the physician asks you to do, do not be afraid to show it. Just remember that in general physicians who perform CEs are more interested in finishing quickly and writing up a report than getting any in-depth idea of your medical condition.

In short, don’t worry about what to say at your Social Security exam. Answer questions honestly regarding any limitations you have as a result of your impairment, and let the physician write up his report. CEs are usually just a formality anyway, and have very little impact on the outcome of your case. They are not likely to trump the opinion of your treating physician or the evidence contained within your medical records.