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About the Author of SSDRC is written and edited by former disability examiner and Accredited Disability Representative (ADR), Tim Moore, a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives, aka NADR.

Tips to file for disability

These tips are based on my experience as a disability examiner and a disability representative. They tell you how to get your claim started and how to make your disability application interview go more smoothly. Note: the best way to file is through your local Social Security office and by avoiding the online process.

Disability Claim Mistakes to avoid

Some claimants do not pursue their claim by filing an appeal after their case has been denied. In effect, they accept their denial notice as the final word on their claim. This is nearly always a mistake.

Disability Medical Conditions List

Many medical conditions–physical, psychological, and psychiatric–are contained in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book listings, otherwise known as the publication, “Disability Evaluation under Social Security”. When a condition is given a “listing”, the listing will describe in detail the requirements for being awarded disability through the listing. However, it may surprise you to know that some of the most common conditions (Fibromyalgia, for example) do not actually have their own individual listings. At the end of this list, we provide information on how to get approved for disability if your condition is not actually addressed by the blue book, i.e. the list of impairments.

Frequent Answers to Disability questions

SSDRC.COM has a lot of content, much of it answering very basic questions about SSD and SSI, including applications and appeals, hearings, and back pay. However, there is quite a lot more content on the site. And that is because Social Security Disability and SSI are complex and often confusing programs.

Disability Representatives and Lawyers

Disability representation through a disability lawyer or non-attorney disability representative can make the difference between winning or losing a disability claim. Having someone handle your claim can allow you to build a winning argument for approval based on medical evidence and knowledge of Social Security regulations and Rulings.

Applying for Disability in your state

Filing for disability benefits under the SSD (Social Security Disability) or SSI program is often a difficult proposition, mainly because initial claims (disability applications) are very likely to be denied regardless of one’s state of residence.

Disability Definitions

The purpose of this page is to provide definitions and explanations for key terms and concepts relating to the Social Security Disability and SSI process for applications, appeals, and hearings. Disability definitions include the award letter, disability back pay, medical disability requirements, retroactive disability benefits, eligibility, and denials, and more.

Social Security Retirement Questions

Facts you should know about disablity and retirement.

North Carolina Residents go here: Disability Help in NC

Helpful Pages 1:

How to apply for disability
Filing for SSI Benefits
When is a Person Considered Fully Disabled by Social Security?
What medical conditions automatically qualify for disability?
Tips for applying for disability
The disability award decision process
How many times can I appeal my Social Security Disability or SSI?
Receiving a disability award letter
The non-medical requirements for disability
Social Security Disability Status
The Social Security Disability Approval
How can you speed up a Social Security Disability case?
Speeding up the Request for a Social Security Hearing
Can you win a disability claim on your first try?
What are the disability requirements for degenerative disc disease?
When does social security consider you eligible for disability benefits?
How do you get disability approved for Asthma?

Helpful Pages 2:

Filing an Application for Disability Benefits
How will an attorney help me win disability benefits?
Request for reconsideration appeal
What Conditions Qualify for Disability?
How Often Does Social Security Approve Disability The First Time You Apply?
Winning at a disability hearing
How long does it take to get disability?
How to get disability and win benefits
How to qualify for disability
Four tips to get disability
Can a disability attorney speed up my disability case?
What makes a person eligible to receive disability benefits?
How do you get approved for disability with COPD?
Can you get approved for disability based on Lupus?
Can I get approved for disability with anxiety?

Helpful Pages 3:

How many times will you be denied disability?
Social Security Disability list of impairments
When is your disability reviewed?
ow Long does it Take To Get a Decision Letter from Social Security?
Qualifying for Disability – The Process
How long do you have To be out of Work to Get Disability?
What medical conditions can I get disability for?
How do you get disability with a mental condition?
What kind of Mental Problems Qualify for Disability?
Can you work and get disability?
How much does disability pay?
How long does it take to get a decision for a disability appeal?
The Qualification Criteria for Social Security Disability
What makes you eligible for Social Security Disability or SSI?
SSD AND SSI Disability Benefits and Back Pain
Filing for Social Security Disability or SSI with Multiple Sclerosis MS
Applying for disability with Cirrhosis

Helpful Pages 4:

How much disability back pay do you get?
The maximum Disability back pay
Can you get temporary disability?
Do you have to be permanently disabled to get disability?
Tips to file for disability
What Qualifies as a Disability?
Filing for disability benefits
Social Security Disability Back pay and How Long it Takes to Qualify for it
The Disability reconsideration Appeal – what is it and how do you file for it?
How long will it take my disability claim to be approved?
Dire Need and Getting a Social Security Disability or SSI Case Speeded Up
Will a Disability Judge give You an Immediate Decision at the Hearing?
How are Social Security Disability cases decided?
Why do I need an attorney for Social Security Disability?
Disability Criteria – Eligibility For Social Security and SSI Disability
Filing for Social Security Disability or SSI with Crohn’s Disease
Applying for disability with Depression
Can I get disability with Fibromyalgia?

Helpful Pages 5:

What do you Need to Prove to Qualify for Disability Benefits?
The Social Security Disability and SSI Process for Mental Claims
Can you speed up the Social Security Disability process?
What kind of cases win disability benefits?
How do you Win Benefits under Social Security Disability or SSI?
How long does it take to receive disability benefits after you are approved?
What is DDS, or Disability Determination Services?
Can a Lawyer Speed Up My Disability Case?
The Administrative Law Judge At A Disability Hearing
How long will my disability benefits last after I am approved?
Who gets SSI?
What does Social Security mean by disability?
What questions will I be asked on a phone interview with Social Security?
Can I Talk To the Disability Examiner Working On My Case?
What happens when you go to a Social Security Disability hearing?
Ulcerative Colitis and Filing for Disability
What are the requirements for disability with arthritis?