What it takes to Win Disability

A guide to help you win your disability case.

How to get Social Security Disability or SSI

This page provides a detailed list of what you must do to win your disability and what you should do to maximize your chances of winning benefits. For example, you or your representative will want to obtain a medical source statement from a doctor prior to a hearing.

How do you qualify for disability?

To win your disability, you have to qualify under SSA rules. There are two ways to qualify for disability: the listings, or by getting a medical-vocational allowance. Each type of approval requires understanding your medical records, and knowing the RULES that are used by Social Security.

How Many Times Will you be denied disability?

Most individuals who file for disability will get denied at least twice and have to appear at an Administrative Law Judge hearing. You can reduce how many times you are denied by following the appeal process. The appeal process will get your case before a judge where you will have your best chance of winning with representation.

Four tips to get Disability

If you get denied, you need to not give up, and not file a new claim. If you get denied, start the appeal process as quickly as you can. Do not wait the 60 days you are given to appeal. Your disability representative will want to file an appeal as soon as you receive a denial notice. These are instrumental tips on how to win your disability.

Social Security List of Impairments

The Social Security list of impairments, also known as the blue book, is an organized collection of medical impairments for which Social Security has provided very specific approval criteria. This type of approval can be difficult, but fortunately there is more than one way to qualify.

The Big Big list of Disability questions and answers

This page provides many, many answers to questions that you will inevitably have and which the Social Security Administration should answer, but typically does not address. They will provide tips and advice on how to win your disability.

Winning at a disability hearing

As the title suggests, here we discuss how to win disability at a hearing. The disability hearing will be your best chance of winning SSD or SSI benefits. That’s because you will actually meet the person who decides your case, an administrative law judge. Hearings require preparation so follow this information carefully.

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