Social Security Disability SSI Questions and Answers


  1. Social Security Disability, SSI Disability - Terms, Definitions, Concepts


    Disability back pay

    Temporary Disability benefits

  2. Tips and Advice for Social Security Disability and SSI Claims


    What Can I Do to Improve My Chances of Winning Disability Benefits?

    How do you prove your disability case if you have a mental condition?

    A "proper" statement from your doctor can have a dramatic effect on your disability case

  3. Filing for Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits


    How to file for disability

    What medical conditions can you apply for?

  4. Social Security Disability and SSI Decisions


    How to file for disability

    Is Social Security required to give you a decision on your disability case in a certain amount of time?

    When does social security consider you eligible for disability benefits?

  5. What is considered a Disabling condition by Social Security?


    What is the Social Security definition of disability?

    Can you get temporary Social Security Disability or SSI benefits?

    Social Security Disability - Permanent Disability

  6. The Disability Decision Process and What gets taken into Consideration


    Who qualifies for disability? - Qualifying is based on evidence of functional limitations

    What Happens When You File an SSI or Social Security Disability Application?

  7. Information for Winning Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits


    How Likely are You to Win Your Disability Case?

    How to Prove you are disabled and Win your Disability Benefits

    How do you Win Benefits under Social Security Disability or SSI?

  8. The Requirements for Social Security Disability and SSI


    Social Security Disability SSI - Eligibility Requirements and Criteria to Qualify

    Qualifying for disability benefits with the social security administration

  9. Getting Denied for Disability Benefits


    What Are The Reasons For Social Security Disability Cases Being Denied?

    How Many Times Will Social Security Disability Deny You before You Get Approved for Disability?

  10. Answers to Common Questions about Social Security Disability and SSI


    What Happens When You File A Second Social Security Disability Claim?

    How Long Do I Get To Keep My Social Security Disability or SSI Benefits?

  11. Questions about Social Security Disability Approvals and Being Approved


    The Social Security Disability Approval Process and the Criteria for Decisions

    How long does it take to be approved for SSI or Social Security Disability?

  12. The Social Security Disability and SSI Appeal Process


    How does the Social Security Disability Appeal Process work?

    The Disability reconsideration Appeal - what is it and how do you file for it?

  13. Disability Hearings - Information on the Social Security Hearing Process


    Basic Facts about the Administrative Law Judge Social Security Disability Hearing

    Can a disability attorney speed up my disability hearing?

    Will a Social Security Judge give You an Immediate Decision at the Disability Hearing?

  14. Information about the SSI Disability Benefits Program


    How much does Social Security Disability or SSI pay?

    How Far Back Can SSI Back Pay Be Paid?

    SSI Disability - Filing for SSI Benefits

  15. Social Security Disability SSI and Work Activity


    Working and Disability - Are You Allowed to Work While Receiving Social Security Disability or SSI?

    If You Are Currently Working Are You Eligible To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

  16. Medical Examinations for Social Security Disability and SSI


    The Social Security Disability Doctor Appointment is Called a CE

    If Social Security Disability sends you to an Exam, will it be done by your doctor?

  17. Social Security Disability SSI: Medical Evidence, Records, and Limitations


    Medical Evidence Used on a Social Security Disability or SSI Claim

    What happens if the Social Security Disability examiner cannot find all the needed medical records?

  18. Social Security Disability SSI and Doctors - Yours and Theirs


    What should you get from your doctor to file for disability benefits?

    Why Will You be Sent to a Social Security Doctor for your disability case?

  19. Social Security Disability and SSI Claim Reviews


    How does the Social Security Disability Review work?

    Will my disability case be reviewed after I have been approved for disability benefits?

  20. Information about Social Security Disability SSI and Mental Claims


    Social Security Disability, SSI, Mental Disorders, and Functional Limitations

    Can You Get Approved For SSI or SSD Benefits IF You Have A Mental Condition But Do Not Take Medication?

  21. The Social Security Disability SSI System and Benefits for Children


    Eligibility for Social Security Disability Children Benefits

    How are children eligible to receive disability benefits?

  22. Social Security Disability Representation - Disability Lawyers and Representatives


    What does a Social Security Disability Lawyer or Representative do for your claim?

    Why do I need an attorney for Social Security Disability?

Additional Questions

  1. Is there a Social Security Appeals Time Limit?

    Social Security Disability decisions always include an appeal period in which an individual can appeal their decision if they do not agree with Social Security's decision. That period is time sensitive.

  2. Can I Talk To the Disability Examiner Working On My Case?

    As a former disability examiner, I can say that when claimants call about their disability claims periodically it may help expedite the processing of their disability claim. The old adage, 'the squeaky wheel gets the oil' is so often true when it comes to disability claim processing.

  3. What Expenses Will A Social Security Attorney Charge In Addition To The Fee?

    Social Security allows attorneys and representatives to collect a fee and allowable incidental fees to encourage them to represent disability claimants who often have no money or very little money.

  4. Do Most People Need To See A Judge To Get Disability Benefits From Social Security?

    Individuals who have to see a judge have the best chance of being approved for disability out of all of the levels of the Social Security Disability process.

  5. Social Security Disability Lawyers and 21% Back Pay

    Individuals entering into fee agreements for representation should be careful about the expenses they agree to pay.

  6. Will Social Security Attempt To Get A Letter From Your Doctor To Help Your Case?

    If you want to include a doctor's letter or statement for your disability claim, you should not waste your time with letters that give a one-sentence statement that you are disabled.

  7. What Is The Difference between SSD and SSI?

    Since Social Security Disability is based upon an individual's earnings, disability benefits vary depending upon earnings amounts.

  8. How is Social Security Disability and SSI Awarded?

    Social Security has a defined disability evaluation process through which Social Security Disability and SSI disability benefits are awarded.

  9. Will my children get benefits if I get approved for disability?

    Social Security Disability pays the disabled beneficiary first, then pays eligible dependents if the family maximum allows payment.

  10. Why Does It Take So Long To Get A Call Back From The Social Security Office?

    If you call for a status on your disability claim, ask the service representative who answers the phone to check for you rather than asking for the extension of the claims representative who took your claim.

  11. Social Security Disability and Money in the Bank

    Many people confuse Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability when considering the impact of income and resources on disability eligibility.

  12. How long do you have To Be Out Of Work Before You Get Social Security Disability (SSD)?

    As long as an individual has the ability to work and earn over the SGA monthly earning limit with no employer subsidy (special considerations and help given so the employee can do their job) they will be denied.

  13. The first appeal in a Social Security Disability or SSI case

    If your first appeal is denied, you have the right to a second appeal. Again, it must be filed within 60 days, or you lose this right.

  14. Using a Lawyer for an SSDI Disability Case

    I write this page based on both my own experience having worked as a disability claims examiner for the social security administration's DDS (disabiilty determination services) AND as someone who has worked in the area of claimant representation.

  15. Does Being Represented On A Disability Claim Win The Case Faster?

    Being represented does not necessarily win the case faster at any level of the Social Security Disability process. However, representation may win an applicant disability benefits sooner by virtue of the following:

  16. The Social Security List of Disabling Conditions that Qualify

    Listed conditions are included by category and those categories are musculoskeletal, special senses, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, genito-urinary, hemic-lymphatic, skin, endocrine, multiple body, neurological, neoplastic, and immune.