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Social Security Disability SSI and whether or not you can work

  1. Working and Disability - Are You Allowed to Work While Receiving Social Security Disability or SSI?
    In the case of a pending claim, i.e. a disability application, you can do this as long as your earnings do not exceed the earnings threshold for the SGA limit.

  2. If You Are Currently Working Are You Eligible To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?
    Contrary to what most people believe, "some work activity" does not necessarily rule out Social Security eligibility, or even continued disability benefit entitlement (for those who were previously approved and have been receiving benefits).

  3. Will Social Security deny my disability claim if I am working?
    Social Security Disability guidelines do not preclude all work activity. If you are working but not performing SGA, your disability claim may very well result in an approval for disability benefits.

  4. How Much Income Can A Person Earn If He Draws Social Security Disability?
    The controlling amount of income that affects disability eligibility most often is substantial gainful activity or SGA, as it is more commonly known.

  5. How does Social Security Disability decide that you cannot work?
    How does social security decide whether your can work or not? By evaluating your medical evidence, rating how limited you are, and then comparing this rating to the kind of work you did in the past.

  6. If my medical condition keeps me from working will I get Social Security Disability?
    Certainly, one criteria of Social Security Disability (and SSI) eligibility is that you must be unable to work at any meaningful level for a period of not less than twelve months.

  7. Working while getting Disability - Is it Possible?
    Individuals who feel, of course, that their condition is improving and would possibly like to return to work should not feel discourgaged from working. However, they should be mindful of the fact that work activity and earnings implicitly carry with them the possibility of affecting one's disability benefits.

  8. Medical Disability - How does Social Security view your work and medical records
    How does this process all work? Once you have provided Social Security with a list of your medical sources, they will send a request for records to all the hospitals, clinic, and physicians who have treated you.

  9. Can Social Security Turn You Down If You Can Do Your Past Work?
    Many cases for which it is determined that a claimant cannot return to their past work are still denied on the basis of the claimant being able to perform some type of other work.

  10. What does social security mean by other work?
    This is actually where the social security administration's disability evaluation process becomes more hazy. Other work can include many types of jobs that a claimant has never worked, and which might not even exist where a claimant lives.

  11. How long do you have To Be Out Of Work Before You Get Social Security Disability (SSD)?
    There is no set time for an individual to be out of work prior to filing for Social Security Disability.

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    If I get SSD, can I operate a business?
    Answer: "All of that being said, it will just depend on how it is paid and what the IRS reports to Social Security."

    What is an unsuccessful work attempt?
    Classifying a period of work as an "unsuccessful work attempt" may benefit an individual who files for disability because it may remove what would otherwise be a disqualification for benefits for a certain time period.

    Can I work without it affecting my Social Security Disability or SSI?
    If you have been approved to receive disability benefits under the Social Security Disability or SSI disability program, you need to be very careful about any work activity you may engage in.

    How important is reporting income for those who currently receive disability benefits?
    If you are receiving Social Security benefits, you should report you earnings so that your trial work months and extended period of eligibility months may be established.

    The Difference Between Social Security Disability and SSI Really Involves Work Activity
    Social Security Disability is based upon insured status, and insured status is achieved through work activity.

    Social Security Disability And Trial Work Months: You are allowed to Work
    All Social Security Disability beneficiaries are entitled to nine trial work months in which they can earn anything they want without it affecting their disability eligibility.

    Can I Get Disability If I Was Paid Under the Table?
    When an individual works, they pay into the Social Security Disability insurance program through their payroll deductions. Their work earnings allow them to earn work credits.

    If I am Denied For Social Security Disability Because I Can Work, What are my Options?
    If you receive a denial on your application for disability, due to the perception by the social security administration that you can engage in work activity, you should do the following:

    Can’t Work In My Old Job, How Does Social Security Disability Consider This?
    Social Security will consider what you did in your past job and whether you have the physical and mental capacity to return to that job. If you do not, they will consider if you not only possess the functional capacity, but also the necessary skills and education, given your age, to do some type of other work.

    How Many Work Credits Do You Need To Have For SSI or Social Security Disability Eligibility?
    The minimum amount of work credits (quarters of coverage) needed for insured status is six and the maximum needed to be fully insured with Social Security is forty quarters of coverage.

    Can You Work While You Appeal Your Social Security Disability Decision?
    If an individual is working, but is earning under the SGA monthly earnings limit, it will not cause their initial disability claim, or their appeal, to be denied. Likewise, it will not negatively affect an individual who is already receiving SSD or SSI disability benefits.

    You Must Give Social Security Disability Your Work History When You Apply
    Although Social Security has access to your work history as far as where you have worked and how much you have earned, if you are applying for disability you must supply them with a bit more information for the purpose of evaluating the vocational aspects of your claim.

    How Can I Get Social Security Disability If I Have Not Worked For A Long Time?
    Social Security Disability insured status has two components: being fully insured and being disability insured.

    For Social Security Disability and SSI, What Does It Mean When A person Can Only Do Sedentary Work?
    Social Security defines sedentary work as: being able to sit for up to 6 hours in an 8 hour day, and lift up to 10 pounds occasionally.

    What If I Do Not Have Enough Work Credits For Social Security Disability Benefits?
    If an individual cannot meet both the fully insured and disability insured requirements, are there any other Social Security benefits they can file for? This program is supplemental security income disability (SSI), and it is based upon need rather than insured status or work credits.

    If I Apply For Disability And Go Back To Work, Do I Need To Report This?
    If you do not report going back to work to Social Security, you may cause your disability claim to be denied even if you are medically approved for disability.

    Will You Get Social Security Disability Benefits If You Cannot Work Your Old Job?
    Disability examiners consider your residual functional capacity, age, skills, and education when determining if you have the ability to transfer your skills to another job or be re-trained for other work.

    How Much Income Can A Person Earn If He Draws Social Security Disability?
    The controlling amount of income that affects disability eligibility most often is substantial gainful activity or SGA, as it is more commonly known.

    Can You Qualify for Disability if you did not work much?
    Although SSI does not require that you be insured, it does require certain income and resource levels. In other words, to qualify for disability under the SSI program, you cannot be working and earning more than what is considered a substantial gainful income.

    What Does Social Security Disability and SSI Include As Your Past Work?
    The Social Security definition of past relevant work is any work that you have done in the past fifteen years that was performed at the SGA, or substantial gainful activity level, that you worked at for at least three months, and during which you had time to learn the job.

    Will Work Cause You To Lose Your Disability Benefits?
    You may possibly lose your Social Security Disability benefits or SSI disability benefits if you work. Work affects each disability program differently, so it is important to understand how work activity affects each disability program.

    Is there a Maximum I can Work and Make if I am on SSD or SSI Disability Benefits?
    f you stop work, or your earnings decline to below this limit, then by all means contact the social security office nearest to you to file for disability benefits.

    If my medical condition keeps me from working will I get Social Security Disability?
    Certainly, one criteria of Social Security Disability (and SSI) eligibility is that you must be unable to work at any meaningful level for a period of not less than twelve months, which is the minimum duration length in order to be determined "disabled".

    How many work quarters do you need to qualify for disability?
    The number of work quarters or credits needed to qualify for disability will depend on a person's age at the time they become disabled.

    How Many Work Credits Do You Need To Have For SSI or Social Security Disability Eligibility?
    An individual’s age at the time they become disabled determines the amount of credits they need to be "fully insured".

    What If You Did Not Work Long Enough To Qualify For Disability?
    If you are married to a non-disabled person or a person who is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability, you are not eligible for adult disabled child’s benefits on your parents record.

    Inability to Work and Eligibility for Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits
    Inability to work is a phrase that comes up frequently on this website simply because this is one of the main tenets of the definition of disability used by SSA (the social security administration).

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