How long does disability take?

A guide on how long the disability process takes

How long does it take to be approved for disability?

Speaking as a former disability examiner who decided claims, you can expect a disability decision in less than 90-120 days. But it can take longer, sometimes because of missed appointments, not keeping up with your case, or not submitting the right information. Can you decrease how long a case may take? By avoiding mistakes and by assembling a strong case, you can. This is where able representation can make a difference.

How long will take to get a Disability Decision letter?

How long it takes to get a decision letter can depend on whether your claim is a new application or an appeal. But it can certainly take longer if Social Security has trouble getting your medical records, identifying the kind of work that you did, if you miss appointments for consultative medical exams, or if you fail to contact the disability examiner after they have tried to reach out to you. If you have a representative, of course, that person can assist in these areas because Social Security is required to keep them up to date on your case…and because they are trying to WIN your case.

How long must you be out of work to get Disability?

To qualify under Social Security Disability or SSI, your disability must keep you from working and earning a substantial and gainful income for at least a year. Note: you don’t actually have to wait until you’ve stopped work for a year before you apply. Social Security can project if your disability will last the minimum required time.

How long will a Disability Hearing Decision take?

How long it will take to get a decision from your disability hearing will vary. It can depend on the judge you had. It can greatly depend on whether the person handling your case obtained and submitted the best evidence possible to the judge making the decision, and skillfully represented you during your disability hearing.

How often will they review my Disability Case?

Everyone who is awarded disability benefits under Social Security Disability or SSI will, at some point, have their case reviewed to see if they are still considered disabled. How often this happens, what it involves, and what the chances are of you keeping or losing your benefits are discussed here.

Checking your Disability Claim status

It is vital that you keep up with the status of your case. If you have representation, your disability representative will file your necessary appeals and track the status of your case so that deadlines are not missed. But, having said that, you need to keep your representative up-to-date with any changes in 1) your medical condition, 2) who is treating you, and 3) your contact details (address, phone number, etc).

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