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Will Social Security Attempt To Get A Letter From Your Doctor To Help Your Case?

The Social Security disability determination process requires disability examiners to request your medical records from the medical treatment sources that you provided at your disability interview, and any other medical treatment sources that you provide during the disability determination process.

This does not mean that Social Security will try to get letters from your doctors that detail your medical conditions. They will simply get your medical records and use that information to help make a disability decision in your case.

Frankly, disability examiners do not even have to have received all of the records from your various doctors and treatment sources, if they, or their supervisor, conclude that they can make a determination based upon the medical evidence that they have received.

If you want to include a doctor’s letter or statement for your disability claim, you should not waste your time with letters that give a one-sentence statement that you are disabled. All doctor’s letters or statements should include objective medical information that is documented by acceptable medical testing.

In any statement from your doctor, your doctor needs to include a diagnosis, response to treatment, and a prognosis, as well as an opinion as to your ability to perform routine activities of daily living, including work activity (with the limitations impose upon you by your medical or mental conditions). If a doctor’s statement provides the above-mentioned information, it generally enhances an individual’s chance of winning their disability claim.

If you feel that your doctor will provide Social Security with a letter or statement it could help your disability claim, however you should not depend on Social Security to get this letter for you. You or your representative can submit this information at any level of the disability process.

If you have a Social Security attorney or non-attorney representative, they will most likely try to get a doctor’s statement or a functional capacity report if your disability claim has to go to an administrative law judge disability hearing.

Medical Source statement PDF download

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