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Are SSDI and SSI Benefits Normally Continued After A Continuing Disability Review?

All SSDI and SSI disability beneficiaries have a continuing disability review, or CDR. Many beneficiaries will have multiple reviews over the course of their entitlement to disability benefits.

When do you receive your review of your SSDI or SSI disability claim?

Social Security sets a future diary date for a continuing disability review when a SSDI or SSI claim is approved for benefits. Generally, there is nothing for the SSDI or SSI disability beneficiary to worry about.

How does the first disability review occur?

When it is time for a CDR to take place, the Social Security Administration generally sends a contact letter to the disability beneficiary.

Sometimes, Social Security claims representatives send out a call-in letter so that they can set CDR appointments in person at the local office or by phone for the beneficiary, while other claims representatives send out all of the necessary forms needed for the review to the disability beneficiary to complete and return. It really is matter of choice for the claims representative at the social security office.

Social Security disability beneficiaries do not have to come into the Social Security office to complete their CDR, even if that is the claims representatives preferred method. They can request a phone medical review if they have problems coming to the office. Or they can even request that the forms are mailed to them for completion.

However, it is generally easier if a disability beneficiary completes the CDR in the claims representative’s preferred method unless there is a real reason not to do so.

Generally, continuing disability reviews are just an update of a Social Security beneficiary’s medical and work information. If the beneficiary has not returned to substantial work activity (SGA), or they have not had significant medical improvement documented by medical evidence, their disability benefits will continue normally after the continuing disability review.

It is especially difficult for Social Security to show medical improvement in disability cases approved at an administrative law judge disability hearing. Administrative law judges have much more flexibility in their disability determinations than disability examiners using the Social Security disability guidebook.

This means there is very little possibility of showing medical improvement for an individual who did not meet the criteria of the Social Security disability program guidebook to begin with.

Note: when we say guidebook, we are referring both to the Social security list of impairments, as well as the printed version of the listings which were published under the title "Disability Evaluation under Social Security" and which served as a desk reference for disability examiners at disability determination services, the agency that delivers decisions on disability applications and reconsideration appeals.

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