Eligibility for receiving disability benefits

  1. Social Security Disability SSI - Eligibility Requirements and Criteria to Qualify
    To be eligible to receive either Social Security Disability or qualify for SSI benefits, the following eligibility criteria must apply.

  2. Eligibility for Disability Benefits as Viewed by Social Security
    Total disability is thought to be a condition that is so severe that it effectively rules out the ability to perform substantial and gainful work activity of any kind.

  3. What makes you eligible for Social Security Disability or SSI?
    The decision on your disability case--either a disability award or a denial of your claim--will be made on the basis of three types of evidence.

  4. Part II: What makes a person eligible to receive disability benefits?
    After all the various types of evidence have been gathered on a Social Security Disability or SSI disability case by a disability examiner, how is the decision made?

  5. What does SSA consider a severe impairment for Social Security Disability or SSI Disability Benefits?
    Obviously, for the purposes of awarding disability benefits, a sprained ankle or a minor cut is not severe, while a broken limb may potentially be severe is the limb does not heal satisfactorily.

  6. Qualifying for disability benefits with the social security administration (what is it based on?)
    Qualifying for disability benefits with the social security administration is based primarily on the information derived from a claimant's medical records. What do the medical records need to say?

  7. If You Are Currently Working Are You Eligible To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?
    For the purposes of this discussion, we are going to address A) work activity and potential disability eligibility as it relates to a disability application and B) work activity and the affect it has on disability entitlement.

  8. Can I Be Eligible For SSI And Social Security Disability At The Same Time?
    Although the disability programs are separate and eligibility to one program does not mean you are entitled to the other, there are times when an individual can be entitled to both SSI and Social Security Disability simultaneously.

  9. SSI Benefits - who is Eligible and How do I apply for them?
    Before medical records are obtained and evaluated under the criteria of the program (as well as work history for adults and school records for children), eligibility for SSI begins with need.

  10. Am I Eligible For Social Security Disability?
    You will be granted disability benefits only if you can demonstrate, through medical records, that your impairment is severe enough to prevent you from working for 12 months or more.

  11. Determining Social Security Disability and SSI eligibility
    As a former disability examiner, I will discuss what elements go into the "pot" when it comes to determining Social Security Disability and SSI eligibility.

  12. Who is eligible for SSI Disability?
    If you are under the monthly earned income and asset limits established by the Social Security Administration, then you may be able to file for disability under the Supplemental Security income disability program, a.k.a. SSI.

  13. Inability to Work and Eligibility for Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits
    Inability to work is a phrase that comes up frequently on this website simply because this is one of the main tenets of the definition of disability used by SSA (the social security administration).

  14. Disability Criteria - Eligibility For Social Security and SSI Disability
    Although all medical decisions are based upon the medical criteria set forth in the disability impairment listings, some disability applicants will be approved for disability even if they do not meet or equal the impairment listings.

    Additional pages

    The Social Security Disability Approval Process
    What follows is a short description of the disability approval process, which will hopefully help claimants or even potential claimants understand the process by which Social Security Disability claims are approved.

    How will Social Security find you disabled?
    Social Security usually uses a twelve-month evaluation period to establish the severity of your conditions (in other words, to identify any limitations you might have'mental or physical, or both.

    How Long Will It Take To Get Approved for Disability?
    Sometimes cases take longer to process based on how long it takes to gather medical records or receive reports from independent examinations scheduled by Social Security.

    What are the earnings limits for those on disability benefits?
    The SGA limit is subject to change each year so individuals who are receiving benefits, or pursuing benefits should probably contact their local social security office to check the earnings limit before beginning employment.

    What If You Did Not Work Long Enough To Qualify For Disability?
    If you did not work long enough to qualify for disability, there may still be a way for you to receive disability benefits. Many people do not know that work is not a factor of entitlement for all Social Security Disability programs.

    Will Being A Veteran Affect Your Eligibility And Chances For Social Security Disability?
    Being a veteran has no bearing upon your eligibility for Social Security Disability, nor does it increase your chances of being approved for disability benefits.

    If I Apply For Disability And Go Back To Work, Do I Need To Report This?
    If you do not report going back to work to Social Security, you may cause your disability claim to be denied even if you are medically approved for disability.

    How long does it take to hear an answer after filing for disability?
    How long it takes after filing for disability will depend on a variety of factors. When it takes longer to receive a decision on a claim, however, it is generally due to one of the following reasons, or a combination of them.

    Eligibility for Social Security Disability Children Benefits
    There are two ways for children to receive benefits from disability-related Social Security programs: the Supplemental Security Income program, also known as SSI, and the Social Security Disability program.

    How are children eligible to receive disability benefits?
    Supplemental Security Income, or SSI disability, offers disability benefits to children. SSI is a needs based disability program meant to assist those who have not worked, such as children, and workers who have worked in the past but not recently.

About the Author: Tim Moore is a former Social Security Disability Examiner in North Carolina, has been interviewed by the NY Times and the LA Times on the disability system, and is an Accredited Disability Representative (ADR) in North Carolina. For assistance on a disability application or Appeal in NC, click here.