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Disability Tips and Advice

Tips for the Disability Interview

The disability interview is conducted by a Claims Representative at a Social Security Office. Being prepared for the interview can get the claim off to a good start, give you a better chance of being approved, and make the experience much less stressful.

Four Tips to get Disability

Winning your case sooner can save you financial hardship that can cause you to file bankruptcy or lose your home. Speaking as a former disability examiner, here are four tips to make a stronger case so you can get your disability.

8 Tips to Win Disability

This is a list of eight tips that are designed to assist individuals who have not yet filed a claim for SSD or SSI benefits. This list is based on my own years of experience as a disability examiner and as a disability representative.

Disability Mistakes to Avoid

As a Disability Advocate and as a former Examiner, I have been able to take notice of the mistakes many claimants make after they receive a denial notification from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Here are three common mistakes you should avoid.

Mental Exam Tips

Here are three good tips on what to expect for a Social Security Mental Examination and how to get ready for one. Of course, the most important things to remember are to give your best effort if you are tested, and to provide simple, straightforward answers to questions.

Disability Answers

This is an index of many, many questions concerning filing for Social Security Disability or SSI disability, questions that have been asked by tens of thousands of individuals over the years.