Social Security Mental Disability Benefits

How do you prove your disability case if you have a mental condition?
What do mental treatment records need to say about your condition? Ideally, they should provide some level of detail regarding a disability claimant's ability to engage in normal daily activities.

The Social Security Disability and SSI Process for Mental Claims based on Mental Disorders
Whether a claim is filed on the basis of a mental condition alone, or in combination with several other mental or physical conditions, the process is the same.

Social Security Disability and SSI Mental Claims and Criteria
This is part 2 of the page listed immediately above. Disability examiners working on Social Security Disability and SSI claims review medical records looking for signs of limitations in these basic areas.

Social Security Disability, SSI, Mental Disorders, and Functional Limitations
When weighing the severity of your mental impairment, Social Security evaluates the affect your illness has on your daily life by considering the following...

Applying for disability with Depression
If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits based upon depression, there are things you need to understand about the Social Security Disability evaluation process....

What can I expect from a Social Security Mental Examination or Evaluation?
Mental exams go one of two ways. There are SSA psychological exams that test for memory, mental status, and for IQ. There are also SSA psychiatric exams...

Can You Get Approved For SSI or SSD Benefits IF You Have A Mental Condition But Do Not Take Medication?
If you do not take any medication, or are not prescribed medication for your mental condition, it may or may not affect upon your chances of being approved for disability.

When you file for disability and have both Mental and Physical Conditions
The disability examiner is obligated to pursue development on your case for both a mental disability as well as physical impairments. This is because they have no way of knowing whether or not you will be found to be disabled for either impairment.

Will Your Claim for Disability be Handled Differently if it is Based on a Physical or Mental Problem?
The answer to this question is yes and no. When we say "no", we mean that the social security evaluation process used by a disability examiner or a federal administrative law judge will be the same regardless of the condition...

Do the Results of the Social Security Psychological Exam have any Bearing on Being Approved?
In contrast to the effect that a physical exam has on a claim, a consultative exam that is mental in nature is more likely to have a beneficial effect, as long as...

What does it mean if Social Security sends you to a Psychiatrist?
When a psychiatric evaluation has been scheduled, it may hold more significance than other types of social security examinations.

Social Security Disability SSI - Mental and Physical Residual Functional Capacity
Social Security Disability and SSI claims revolve around the concept of "residual functional capacity". Mental and physical residual functional capacity is a medical assessment of an individual's ability to function in spite of...

The Psychologist Exam for Social Security Disability and SSI Claims
The mental consult is used to determine such things as memory function (the memory scale exam)...

Are SSI and Social Security Disability Requirements Tougher For Mental Claims?
The evaluation of mental limitations is often more subjective than the evaluation of physical impairments. Disability examiners are regular people with their own opinions and biases, which could explain why it is often more difficult for a disability applicant to win their disability based upon a mental impairment.

Can a mental illness qualify you for disability?
The key to being awarded benefits on the basis of a mental illness is simply providing medical record documentation that proves an inability to engage in what the social security administration refers to as substantial gainful activity or SGA.

Social Security Disability SSI and ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
If you are applying for disability on the basis of ADHD as an adult, you should have medical evidence to support your diagnosis and limitations.

Can I Qualify For Disability and Receive Benefits based on Depression?
Even if symptoms or limitations of an individual's depression do not meet or equal the impairment listing, they still may qualify for disability.

Medical Documentation when you apply for disability with depression
Too often claimants believe that a prescription from their family doctor for antidepressants is all that they need to establish that they are suffering from debilitating depression, but this is absolutely not the case.

Social Security Disability SSI and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Social Security uses the severity and functional evaluation criteria of other listings because TBI can result in mental and/or neurological impairments that exhibit a large variety of post-traumatic symptoms.

Filing for Social Security Disability or SSI with Bipolar Disorder
Considering the increased risk of additional physical and/or mental conditions along with the depressive and manic symptoms of bipolar disorder, it is not difficult to imagine why bipolar disorder can be so disabling.

You can file for Social Security Disability for a mental disorder or problem if it interferes with substantial gainful activity
The decision on your case would be dependent on what social security considers to be your mental functional capacity, referred to as your MRFC, or mental residual functional capacity.

You can apply for disability on the basis of any mental condition
You may apply for disability on the basis of any mental condition, including but certainly not limited to the following: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, memory loss, or any other type of cognitive or mood disorder.

Additional pages

Winning Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Disorders
Those who are awarded disability due to a mental disorder are often at a disadvantage in that their condition was not immediately diagnosed.

Is getting Social Security Disability easier for mental or physical problems?
Why is the case and why would it be true that a mental disability claim is no stronger than a physical disability claim, or vice-versa?

Mental Disability Benefits and What Social Security will Consider
Generally, it is better to have mental health treatment with your own psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional, than to depend upon an consultative examination with a Social Security consultative physician.

What kind of Mental Problems Qualify for Disability?
The social security administration receives disability applications for practically every type of impairment known to exist. Mental impairments, conditions, or problems, are divided into two camps: those that are psychiatric and those that are psychological.

Social Security Administration Mental Consultative Exam (CE)
Social Security uses mental consultative examinations to evaluate a variety of mental disorders and conditions. Mental CE examinations are used to determine a disability applicant's current mental limitations.

Proving Functional Limitations and why this is Important on a Disability Case
What is a functional limitation? Functional limitations can be physical or mental and they are simply any way in which your condition has limited you.

Getting a Social Security Disability Determination After Seeing a Psychologist at a Mental Evaluation
In the case of the psychological examination, the psychologist who performs the CE has 10 business days after the exam to submit a report to DDS, the state disability determination services agency that decides all initial disability applications and reconsideration appeals for Social Security.

Social Security Disability, SSI, and Mental Testing
Social security requires consultative exams for both physical and mental conditions, usually when there is not enough medical information available for the disability examiner to make a decision on the claim.

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    About the Author: Tim Moore is a former Social Security Disability Examiner in North Carolina, has been interviewed by the NY Times and the LA Times on the disability system, and is an Accredited Disability Representative (ADR) in North Carolina. For assistance on a disability application or Appeal in NC, click here.