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The disability hearing in North Carolina- things to keep in mind

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Because the process is so very long, individuals in North Carolina who have filed for disability, or are considering applying for disability should keep these two things in mind:

Social Security Disability North Carolina

1. If their disability case has progressed to the hearing level, they will want to make absolutely sure that their case is ready for the hearing. Because, obviously, with that much time invested in the case, it will be of the utmost importance to make sure that all the necessary evidence is in place, and that a solid argument for approval, based on the rules and regulations of the Social Security Administration, can be succinctly presented to the judge.

2. Since the largest amount of time involved on a case involves requesting a disability hearing, and then waiting for the hearing to be scheduled, a claimant may wish to consider attempting to win the case as early as possible; in other words, without the need for a disability hearing in North Carolina.

How can this be done? In some instances, at the application or reconsideration level, a disability representative may be able to analyze the merits of the case, and interact with the disability examiner working on the case, to achieve a faster approval.

In other instances, a disability representative who is working on a case that is to be presented at a hearing may find that the newly gathered evidence is particularly strong.

Based on this, the disability representative may decide to send a request for an on-the-record review to be made by the judge.

If this type of review is granted, and the judge subsequently finds reason to approve the claim, there will be no need for a hearing to be held, which may save weeks or months of time that would have otherwise been spent.

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