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What does a North Carolina Disability Attorney cost?

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The most a lawyer or representative can receive as their fee for winning a disability claim in North Carolina is $6000. And this is only paid if we win your case. If we win, Social Security sends us the fee from your back pay so you don’t actually have to pay it directly. And it is 25% of your back pay, never to exceed $6000. Additionally, our practice does not charge anything upfront or for costs related to getting evidence for your case, which most offices will do.

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There are two very important things to keep in mind regarding the representation fee.

First, the fee is only paid if the case is won. This is because the fee is paid from the claimant’s backpay, which is only received if the claimant is found to be eligible to receive disability benefits under SSD or SSI.

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Second, though the fee can potentially be as high as $6000, it may not necessarily be that high.

In actuality, the few that is paid to a disability representative or lawyer is equal to one-fourth of whatever disability backpay the claimant is eligible to receive. $6000 is simply the absolute maximum that the representative may receive.

For example, if the claimant was awarded disability benefits and it was determined that they were eligible to receive $24,000 in back pay, then the representative could receive the full amount of $6000. However, if the claimant was awarded $30,000 in back pay, the representative could still only receive$6000 as their fee since this is the maximum.

And by the same token, if the claimant’s backpay was less, then the representative’s fee would be less. For example, if the claimant received $10,000 in back pay the representative would be eligible to receive a fee of $2500.

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