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Do you pay your disability lawyer in North Carolina or does Social Security pay the fee?

Note: The SSDI, SSI disability system is federal and nationally standardized, though there are state differences in approval rates, wait times, the number of appeals available–as of the time of this writing–and even the name given to the stage disability agency (DDS, or the Bureau or Division of Disability Determination). Now, to answer the question…

In most cases, you will not be responsible for making the fee payment to your North Carolina disability lawyer or nonattorney disability representative. The Social Security Administration will handle this for you.

After you win your disability benefits in North Carolina, a Social Security payment center will calculate the back payment that you are owed and also calculate the portion of your back payment that will be sent to your representative as their fee for handling your claim.

In a limited number of instances, your representative may not be eligible for fee withholding from the Social Security Administration. If this is the case, then you will be responsible for sending the representative their fee.

However, in most cases, a disability attorney or a non-attorney claimant’s representative who has taken and passed the national certification exam will be eligible for fee withholding. Which simply means, from your standpoint as a client, you will not have to worry about the actual payment of the fee. The Social Security Administration will do this for you.

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