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How to file for permanent disability in Raleigh North Carolina

Filing for Social Security Disability in NC (or SSI disabiity in North Carolina) is fairly simply, though it can feel stressful, and many individuals fail to provide all the information that is ultimately needed to win their claim. First we’ll discuss filing and then the issue of permanent benefits. Note: If you need assistance on your disability claim, or need help getting your claim started, call our office at 919-890-8519.

To get a disability claim started in Raleigh, when our office represents someone we contact their local Social Security office and request that a disability application interview be done over the phone. This is advantageous for several reasons.

  1. We call Social Security for your and this gets rid of the procrastination problem. It also means that we spend the time on the phone waiting for someone to pick up(increasingly an issue), not you.
  2. When you do the phone interview, you can do this from the comfort and security of your own home. And this can also make the process feel easier.
  3. Doing the phone interview with a live person is much better than trying to file online. People cannot understand the difficulties of trying to file online until they’ve actually done it. But it is not as productive or efficient, and it can lead to mistakes. Also, you cannot ask questions when you file online. There is no one there to answer them.

Can you file for permanent disability in NC?

This, of course, is a misnomer. Social Security does not offer permanent benefits. This is because every person who is awarded disability benefits will have to have their case reviewed every few years at the Raleigh Social Security field office on what is known as a CDR, or continuing disability review. These reviews are usually nothing to worry about because it is difficult to take someone off benefits. To do that, Social Security has to see that the person has had medical inmprovement and this usually is not the case.

So, for most recipients, disability benefits are practically permanent. But, you have to remember that your case will get periodic reviews. In North Carolina, these reviews of cases only happen every few years due to scheduling and backlogs in offices.

My name is Tim Moore. I am an Accredited Disability Representative who has passed federally proctored testing for disability representatives, I am a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives, and I am also a former disability claims examiner for the Social Security Administration’s DDS, or disability determination services) in North Carolina. This background gives me quite a bit of insight and knowledge regarding how the claims process works and what needs to be done to win a disability claim.

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