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How to apply for Disability in Henderson NC

Applying for disability in North Carolina with the Henderson Social Security office is faily simple if you go about it the correct way. If you feel you need assistance, of course, please contact us by using the form below or call 919-890-8519. If your claim has been denied, getting someone to help you with your case is certainly a good idea because 1. appeals should be filed as quickly as possible, and 2. it will be likely that your case will need to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge in Raleigh. And your chances of winning before a judge go up substantially with representation.

To get your disability claim started, you can file online. We advise you not to do that because the process can be confusing and can lead to too much time being wasted as you try to navigate the process. Instead, we advise that you contact the Henderson Social Security office and state that you wish to file a disability claim. And, in fact, if I am the person representing your claim, I will contact the Henderson office, get an appointment scheduled for you to be interviewed, and I will also provide you informational handouts on how to best prepare for the interview. Then, of course, if the claim is denied, I will file the necessary appeal paperwork so that we can keep your case moving forward, as quickly as possible.

Social Security Administration
858 S Beckford Dr, Henderson, NC 27536
(877) 628-6584

The Henderson Social Security office will tell you if you can file for Social Security Disability, SSI, or both programs if you are eligible. They will set an appointment date for you to be interviewed claim and during this interview, they will ask many questions. Aside from the obvious, such as your name, address, date of birth, and social security number, these will include the following:

  1. When did you become disabled?
  2. When did you last work?
  3. What are you medical conditions, physical and/or mental?
  4. How do your conditions affect and limit your ability to work and do normal activities?
  5. Where have you received medical treatment and from whom?
  6. What medications do you currently take?

We represent cases in Henderson, Oxford, and other areas such as Warrenton, Norlina, Manson, and Roxboro. And we do this for claimants who have already been denied, but also individuals who have not applied yet and would like some assistance. For these individuals, we contact the Henderson Social Security office to get the disability application interview appointment set. This can sometimes have the effect of getting the claim started faster for the individuals we represent. It also gets us ready to appeal their case if they should be denied.

If we represent someone whose case is denied, we file an immediate appeal and try to move the case forward as quickly as possible. And if that first appeal, the request for reconsideration is also denied, we then request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge with the hearings office in Raleigh. As we get closer to the time of the hearing, our preparation will include getting statements from your doctors to support your case, getting evidence for your case, and developing a legal theory as to why you should be approved under Social Security law.

Preparing for a disability hearing

On the day of the hearing, you (and us if we represent you) will appear at the scheduled time. The judge may ask you questions, allow your representative to ask questions, and may also have a vocational expert present to testify about your ability to return to work.

Obviously, preparation for the hearing is very important and goes beyond simply getting medical records. How you respond to questions from the judge can impact the quality of your testimony. Your goal is to be completely truthful in your answers, but also to provide the information in your answers that the judge actually needs from you. And this can be difficult for someone who is not accustomed to being questioned in a hearing setting, which is why representation can be very important.

Is it hard to get disability in NC? It can be. But if you refuse to give up on your claim, your chances of success can be very good, particularly if you case is well-presented. If you need assistance on your claim, or need help getting started, please use the contact form below to contact me, or simply call 919-890-8519.


Tim Moore, ADR (Accredited Disability Representative)