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The average time to get approved for disability in NC

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What is the average time to get approved for disability in NC?

If you get approved for disability in NC, then the process will probably play out this way:

  1. Your disability claim will take three or four months on average. It may take less time in some cases. To help your case move along, be sure to respond to any letters from SSA and to keep any appointments that are set, such as for Social Security Medical exams.
  2. Your first appeal in North Carolina, the request for reconsideration, may move faster and take perhaps one to three months. The reconsideration often goes faster because it is, for the most part, simply a repeat of the application.
  3. Your request for a hearing before a judge will take between 5 and 12 months and if you are represented, you will stand a 60-70 percent chance of being approved for disability.

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Now, it’s always possible to be approved on your application, but in our state, the ususal route takes individuals to a hearing before they can get approved.

This is why we typically tell our new clients to expect a long wait so they can be prepared. Getting disability in North Carolina is not easy, and the process is long. But the hearing is almost always your best chance of getting benefits.

And here is something else most applicants need to keep in mind

The individuals who get approved for disability benefits are the ones who do not give up, but file their appeals on a timely basis and keep pushing forward. Yes, it is a hard process. But by not giving up, you increase your chances of approval as you get closer to a hearing.

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