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How do I Apply for Disability in Wake Forest, North Carolina?

My name is Tim Moore. I am a resident of Wake Forest since the 1990s and I represent disability claims with the Social Security Administration. I am also a former Disability Examiner for Social Security Disability in North Carolina. Note: if you need help with a disability claim, contact us at 919-890-8519 or use the form below.

To apply for disability in Wake Forest, North Carolina, you may file your claim online or file the claim through a local Social Security office. As a former disability examiner for the Social Security Administration’s DDS (disability determination services) and as a Disability Representative, I can state that the best option is to contact a local Social Security office. The reasons for this are: 1. You can speak to a live individual and get your questions answered, 2. You can avoid making a mistake online, 3. You will know for sure that you actually have started a claim successfully.

Having said this, you can contact any Social Security office and get your claim initiated. Being a Wake Forest and Wake county resident, the office you are expected to call is the Raleigh Social Security office. Here is there contact information below.

Social Security Administration
4701 Old Wake Forest Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609
(877) 803-6311

But if you want to start your claim with an office that is not as busy, and more likely to treat you friendlier, the Social Security office in Henderson would be the better bet.

Social Security Administration
858 S Beckford Dr, Henderson, NC 27536
(877) 628-6584

As Disability Representatives, our practice routinely assists claimants with getting their claim started for them. By this, I mean that we contact Social Security and obtain an appointment for a disability application interview to be done by telephone. After we get the appointment time, both we and Social Security will notify you of the time and date that they will call and conduct the interview.

After your disability interview has been done, the Social Security office will prepare your claim and then transfer it to a disability examiner at the Disability Determination Services office in Raleigh. There, the examiner will gather your records to review and make a decision on your case. The examiner may reach out to you to ask you questions about your medical treatment, your daily activities and how they are affected by your medical conditions, and quite possibly the kinds of jobs you have worked in the past. The examiner may also schedule you for a medical exam called a CE or consultative examination.

After the examiner makes the decision, if they deny you they will send you a notice and if we are your representative we will get a copy. At this point we will file your first appeal called a request for reconsideration. The reconsideration is handled exactly the way the application is, which is why you are likely to be denied on this as well. But if the reconsideration is turned down, then we can request a hearing before a judge in Raleigh, and this where you will have your best chance of winning your case.

Social Security Disability North Carolina

This is because we will gather additional evidence for your case, including statements from your doctors, but we will also put together a legal argument for why you deserve to win your benefits, based on Social Security law and regulations.

If you go to a disability hearing

On the day of the hearing, you (and us if we represent you) will appear at the scheduled time. The judge may ask you questions, allow your representative to ask questions, and may also have a vocational expert present to testify about your ability to return to work.

Obviously, preparation for the hearing is very important and goes beyond simply getting medical records. How you respond to questions from the judge can impact the quality of your testimony. Your goal is to be completely truthful in your answers, but also to provide the information in your answers that the judge actually needs from you. And this can be difficult for someone who is not accustomed to being questioned in a hearing setting, which is why representation can be very important.

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