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When should you get a disability attorney in Pennsylvania?

You can get representation in Pennsylvania on a social security disability or ssi claim at any point in the process. Many claimants, of course, will not require representation during the initial claim phase. However, having said that, very many claimants will fare better if they simply get an attorney from the very beginning.

Why do I say this? Too many claimants miss deadlines and fail to comply with various requests made by either the social security office or the disability examiner (for example, filing an appeal after a deadline, failing to respond to a call-in letter, failing to attend a scheduled consultative medical exam, etc). And in all of these scenarios, a claimant may become disadvantaged. In fact, some cases are denied only on the basis of a failure to comply with a simple requirement.


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Having a disability attorney early in the process can sometimes avert these kinds of situations. And for many claimants, having an attorney handle their claim from the very start will alleviate some of the anxiety and stress that comes with filing for disability benefits.

But, certainly, a claimant whose case will be heard by an administrative law judge at a disability hearing should always considering obtaining qualified representation.

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