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How can a disability lawyer help you win a disability case in Pennsylvania?

Can a lawyer in Pennsylvania help you fight and win a disability case with SSA, the social security administration? Yes, and this is particularly true if the lawyer you select specializes in the representation of social security claimants, versus a a lawyer who only takes the occasional case (in most areas of claimant representation, it will make more sense to utilize the services of a specialist versus a generalist.

How will a disability representative assist you in the goal of winning your claim?

During the initial claim phase of a disability claim, or during the first appeal, a disability lawyer will typically take care of the routine "legwork" that should be done on your case. That is, the lawyer will file your necessary appeal paperwork and make status calls to either the social security field office or disability determination services (known in some states as the bureau of disability determination).


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8. Winning a Social Security Disability Appeal or SSI Appeal

And, in some cases, your lawyer may find it prudent to obtain and submit additional medical record documentation if he finds it advantageous to do so prior to the hearing level.

Of course, the great bulk of what a social security disability - ssi lawyer does occurs at the disability hearing level. At this point in the development of your claim, your lawyer will gather your medical records (possibly including statements from your treating physicians), keep copies to evaluate, and submit updates to the hearing office and administrative law judge assigned to your case.

Generally speaking, the lawyer performs the function of advocacy. He or she will speak for you and represent your case. And---assisted by a knowledge of, and experience with, the disability evaluation system---your disability lawyer will present a rationale as to why you should be awarded social security disability or ssi disability benefits.

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