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What are the chances of winning disability on an appeal in Pennsylvania?

Whether or not an individual will win their disability claim in Pennsylvania is a huge concern, simply due to the fact that the outcome of a case will affect a person's livelihood for years to come.

The majority of people who apply for SSD or SSI disability benefits with the social security administration get denied on their application. And the majority of individuals who submit their first appeal (called a request for reconsideration) also get denied, making it quite necessary to send in the second appeal which is known as a request for a hearing.


1. Winning a Social Security Disability Appeal or SSI Appeal
2. Chances of Winning an SSA Disability Appeal for SSD or SSI?
3. How severe must your condition be to be awarded and get SSD or SSI?
4. What is considered a Disabling condition by Social Security?

The disability system operated by the social security administration is, without a doubt, very difficult. And the fact that so many rconsiderations (a reconsideration is the first appeal) are turned down probably makes some applicants wonder why they should even bother appealing.

However, here's the reason why you should appeal, in the event that you get turned down. At a disability hearing before an administrative law judge, more than half of all disability cases are won.

Of course, if you are an older individual, your chances may be better. And if your past work was of medium exertion, your chances may be better. Having said that, though, a younger disability applicant should not be discouraged, nor should an individual whose past work was light exertion or sedentary be discouraged.

The truth is: any claimant can win with any condition or set of conditions provided that their functional limitations and restrictions prevent them from working. Certainly, though, the chances of wining disability benefits will improve if a claimant can provide solid medical documentation and will, typically, improve if they have representation in the form of a qualified disability lawyer or non attorney advocate.

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