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Social Security Disability, SSI Disability - Terms, Definitions, Concepts

  1. Activities of Daily Living
  2. Activities of daily living questionaire
  3. Age Appropriate Activities
  4. ALJ, administrative law judge
  5. Application for disability
  6. Award Letter
  7. Closed Period
  8. Congressional Inquiry
  9. CDR, or continuing disability review
  10. Concurrent benefits
  11. Date of Entitlement
  12. Definition of Disability
  13. DDS, disability determination services
  14. Dire Need
  15. Disability Appeal Deadline
  16. Disability Application Interview
  17. Disability Attorney Representation Fee
  18. Disability Back pay
  19. Disability Denial Letter
  20. Disability Examiner
  21. Disability Hearing
  22. Disability Status
  23. Doctor Statement
  24. Durational Denial
  25. Eligibility for Disability Benefits
  26. Functional Lmitations
  27. Hearing Office
  28. Insured Status
  29. Maximum earnings on disability
  30. Medical Evidence
  31. Medical Records, recent
  32. Medical Records, old
  33. Medical Source Statement
  34. Medical Disability Requirements
  35. Medical Source Statement
  36. Medicare waiting period
  37. Mental Consultative Exam (CE)
  38. Non-medical Disability Requirements for SSD and SSI
  39. Non-Attorney Disability Representative
  40. Online Disability Application
  41. Onset Date for disability benefits
  42. On The Record Disability Decisions
  43. Permanent Disability
  44. Physical Consultative Exam (CE)
  45. Physician statement
  46. Psychologist Exam for Social Security Disability and SSI
  47. Retroactive Disability Benefits
  48. Request for reconsideration appeal
  49. RFC, Residual functional capacity
  50. Residual Functional Capacity, Mental and Physical
  51. Sequential evaluation process
  52. Severe impairment
  53. Social security disability medical review
  54. Social Security doctor
  55. Social Security Claims Representative (Social Security Office)
  56. Social Security Field Office
  57. Social Security Unsuccessful Work Attempt
  58. SGA, substantial gainful activity
  59. Technical denial
  60. Temporary disability
  61. Treating physician
  62. Vocational Expert (at a disability hearing)
  63. Waiting Period (24 month) for medicare
  64. Waiting Period (five month wait for SSD benefits)
  65. Work CDR (continuing disability review)

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