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What is SGA (Substantial Gainful Activity) and how does it affect Social Security Disability and SSI Eligibility?

SGA is an acronym for the Social Security term substantial gainful activity. According to the Social Security Administration's definition of disability, in order to be considered disabled and eligible to receive disability benefits, a person must have functional limitations (mental, physical, or both) that are severe enough to restrict their ability to engage in work activity.

How Social Security determines disability

SSA (social security administration) determines if a claimant is disabled by evaluating their medical and work histories and then rating their condition; claimants are given physical residual functional capacity ratings and mental residual functional capacity ratings by disability examiners (or by judges at the disability hearing level). However, whether or not a claimant is disabled can also be determined by a claimant's work activity.

For this reason, Social Security must evaluate an individualís earnings when they apply for disability, and also during future reviews of their claim--this is known as a continuing disability review, or CDR.

SGA, or substantial gainful activity, is tied to a specific monetary amount; in other words, a monthly earnings limit. To put it briefly, if a person who is filing for disability is earning more than the SGA amount, their claim will be given what is referred to as a technical denial.

When a case is given a technical denial, the denial occurs at the social security office almost immediately, meaning that the case is never sent to disability determination services and assigned to a disability examiner for processing.

Translation: there is no point to filing a claim if you are currently working and earning at least the SGA amount...however, if your condition causes you to stop work or causes your earnings to drop below the SGA limit, consider filing a claim.

The SGA amount is subject to change as a result of inflation adjustments. Currently, for 2018, the SGA amount is $1180.00. Please keep in mind that this is gross monthly earned income (before taxes).

To reiterate

The Social Security administrationís definition of disability is based on an individualís inability to engage in work activity that produces substantial and gainful income; in other words, the inability to work and earn at least that much (the current limit for SGA per month).

At the time you file a disability application, if you are earning over the SGA amount, you will be denied for an initial disability claim, regardless of your medical condition. Remember, too, if you are receiving disability benefits the SGA monthly amount will also affect you. For this reason, you should call your local Social Security office about any work activity you engage in (including self employment).

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