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Is it possible that I will lose my disability benefits when my case is being reviewed?

Hello, I have a question. Through an ALJ, I was awarded SSI benefits for bipolar disorder and panic attacks. After almost 7 or 8 years my case is up for review. Is it possible that I will lose my benefits? I have not worked since My illness began and I'm jus nervous about this review. I just mailed back the daily function report and the third party functionality report. Any info would help. Thanks a lot in advance.

It is a normal thing for disability claims to be reviewed periodically. This typically occurs every few years. And when claims are initially first approved, they are set up on diary dates for the first review to be done within just a few years based on whether the decision is made that the condition is expected or not expected to medically improve over time.

Of course, there is always a chance you could lose your benefits. That is true with claim that comes up for review. But, in general, most claims are continued at review and relatively few people have their benefits stopped. This is because medical improvement is a difficult thing to prove. Therefore, I would not think you would lose your benefits. If it did happen, you can appeal any decision they make and continue your benefits while you appeal their decision. However, if you have not gone back to work and there is no medical information suggesting that you have medically improved, there should be no worry.

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