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Approved for Disability but Medicare being terminated?

"To whom it may concern: I have been on SSDI since 2009. I was put up for review at the beginning of 2012, then denied. I appealed through the disability attorney I originally had for the first submission. After months of waiting, I received an award letter in June 2012 from the SSA office stating that they have found me to still be disabled, therefore I don't need a disability hearing.

Today, Friday July 20, 2012, I received a notice from my RX company stating that effective August 1, 2012, I will no longer be enrolled with them. After calling them, the rep stated that it appears my Medicare is being cancelled. I called Medicare, and they only show the cancellation being put in the system back in June 2012 effective August, 2012.

I then contacted Social Security through their main number because my local office closed at 3:30PM. The SS rep stated that his supervisor looked into it and found that my local office put a denial through back in June 2012.

What on earth is going on?? My payment comes through every 4th Wednesday of the month. They say it will take 2 weeks to research. Does this happen often?? I can't find any information online about this happening to anyone else. I know you may not have the real answers, but maybe you may know of what possibly is going on. Any answer will be helpful. Thanks."

Most likely the Medicare termination was the result of the review denial and has nothing to do with your subsequent approval for ongoing disability benefits.

Unfortunately, I think you would be wise to go to your local Social Security office with your award letter and have them take care of it. The Social Security contact number is not always the best source of information about a particular case. I am sure this can be straightened out with a visit.

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