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Disability Benefits previously awarded, but stopped after the claim was reviewed

I was an elevator mechanic and disabled. My orthapedic Dr told me I could not work and needed a hip replacement. I was awarded SSDI by the disability hearing ALJ with no vocational training or stipulations. I have not had a hip replacement yet and my hip has gotten worse, not better.

However I received a denial letter after going to their evaluations. I do not think they considered my primary doctor's report if it was a report due to the SSDI person on my case and my doctors employee missing work for weeks despite my efforts to get the forms to the doctor and the report to the SSDI alternate analyst.

I read about MIRS and would think this would apply to my case. I was VERY SUPPRISED by this denial and is there a simpler way to change it or...?

You should file an appeal of the SSDI continuation denial and ask for payment continuation. You have a very limited time to do so if you have not done so already. Immediately go to your local Social Security office and file your appeal. To receive benefit continuation you only have a small window to file your appeal (10 days) even though you have a sixty day appeal period to file the appeal. If you do not file your payment continuation appeal timely you may be without pay while you wait for a decision on your cessation appeal.

I hope this answer helps you.

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