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Good fats lower the risk of death from heart disease

Coronary artery disease runs in my family (I hit the lottery - both sides) so I tend to perk up when I see articles about heart disease and eating (what to eat, what not to eat, etc). A finnish study involving over 1500 middle aged men found that those who substituted good fats for bad fats in their daily diet were sixty percent less likely to die as a result of heart disease.

Linoleic acid figured prominently in the study and the researchers measured the daily linoleic acid intake of study participants. Participants with the highest intake of linoleic acid and polyunsaturated fat received, as the lead researcher put it, "substantial" heart protection.

Does that mean we should all go out and buy supplements? Medical authorities are always mixed on supplementation, due to absorption rates, quality of manufacturing (of the pills) and potency (many nutrients lose potency quickly); however, linoleic acid can be found naturally in sunflower seeds, canola oil, olive oil, and corn.

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