Will having received SSI as a child affect my disability claim?

I'm 35 years old with severe bi-polar, anxiety and antisocial personality disorder. I was approved for S.S.I. as a child and was wondering if that has any bearing on my claim. Thank you.

The disability examiner who is evaluating your disability claim will focus on whether you meet the SSA definition of disability currently. That is why the examiner will need to have access to recent medical records (not older than 90 days).

This is also why a case can be denied without an actual evaluation of the medical records (a technical denial) if the Social Security office taking the claim determines that the individual who is filing is working and earning at least the SGA amount, which is the earnings limit for disability applicants and recipients.

So, to answer your question, having received benefits as a child will not necessarily bring any advantage to a claim filed as an adult. What it may do, however, depending on the impairment(s) that you allege, is that it may help establish a longitudinal history of functional limitations as well as an extended history of treatment. So, in that sense, it certainly will not hurt.

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