How do you apply for disability for your child or your children?

To apply for SSI disability for child benefits, you must contact the Social Security Administration to schedule an appointment for your children or childs SSI disability claim. To prepare for your childs disability interview, you will need to provide Social Security with information about the following:

A) Your childs condition.
B) Your childs medical treatment sources (i.e. doctors, hospitals, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.).
C) Your childs dates of treatment, medications, and testing.

It is advisable to write this information down prior to filing a disability application if your child has several medical treatment sources.

SSI disability is a needs based disability program that requires all applicants whether they are adults or children to meet strict income and resource limits. These non-disability requirements will be addressed during your childs disability interview. Parental income and resources are counted toward this.

For instance, you will need to bring proof of your income and resources (for both parents if in the same household) and, of course, you will need to have knowledge of your childs medical problems, physicians, and school information.

Additionally, you should bring in a certified birth certificate for the child (not the mothers copy). If you have all of the above information, you are prepared to apply for your childs disability.

How is a child disability claim evaluated? As with other types of disability claims, the medical evidence provides the foundation for the case. However, unlike claims for adults, SSA will not be looking at work history, obviously. Instead, the focus will be on whether or not your child is able to engage in age-appropriate activities.

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