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Can a Mentally Disabled Person receive SSDI if they are a beneficiary to a trust fund?

Here's a question from the facebook page. "How does a mentally disabled individual still receive SSDI and other government assistance when he is beneficiary to a large trust fund?"

If the individual is receiving Social Security disability it does not matter if they have a large trust fund. That is because SSD is not subject to assets. A person could have a million or ten million dollars and it would not affect their eligibility for SSD. SSI, though, is subject to an asset limit of $2000.

However, that said, if they are receiving SSI disability it still may or may not affect their benefits. It really depends upon how the trust is set up as to whether it affects entitlement to SSI disability benefits or not. Because we don't have all the particulars in this, there's no way to give a definitive answer.

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