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Why does the Social Security Administration want me to see one of their doctors?

There are a few of reasons why Social Security might want you to see one of their doctors and they are as follows:

1. When you filed for disability you provided no treatment sources for your disabling condition. If you do not have medical treatment, the disability specialist must have a medical status of your conditions or conditions. Very often, they also schedule other medical testing in conjunction with the consultative examination.

2. When you filed for disability, you provided medical sources that treated you for your disabling conditions, but the treatment was more than 90 days ago. If this is the case, the disability examiner once again has to have a consultative examination to provide a “current” medical status.

3. Lastly, perhaps you provided medical treatment information that did address your disabling condition and it was current, but the disability specialist still wants you to go to one of their doctors. Most likely the disability specialist needs further clarification of the severity of your disabling condition and to potentially determine if you qualify for disability under SSD or SSI. Unfortunately, your doctor does not write his notes or order testing because you may need them for a disability case.

The above are some of the reasons why Social Security might send you to one of their doctors. There may be other reasons, but these are the most common. Consultative examinations are generally short and some would say not that thorough, and they certainly do not take the place of your own treating physicians. So, if you are able, it is good to have your own treating physician to, at the very least, add to a consultative examination doctor’s findings.

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