How far does Medicare back pay?

How far does Medicare back pay?

Depending on the specifics of your disability case, there may be eligibility for Medicare coverage prior to the date of your approval for SSDI benefits. Generally, this happens when a disability applicant is approved at an administrative law judge hearing and this is true because of the long wait times for disability hearings.

Medicare entitlement begins two years after the first month of entitlement to disability benefits. Most disability applicants whose initial disability is approved will be looking at a future date for Medicare entitlement.

If you were approved at your disability hearing, Social Security will take any Medicare premiums due out of your disability back payment. Many individuals do not think about premiums but they must be paid if you want medical bills paid for that time frame.

In summary, there is no guarantee that there will be Medicare entitlement once you are approved and it may even be that you will not have Medicare for a couple of years. So, if you are filing for disability and you have health insurance coverage it would best to keep your coverage if you are able to do so.

About the Author: Tim Moore is a former Social Security Disability Examiner in North Carolina, has been interviewed by the NY Times and the LA Times on the disability system, and is an Accredited Disability Representative (ADR) in North Carolina. For assistance on a disability application or Appeal in NC, click here.

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