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I was wondering if I should apply for SSI or SSDI?

I was wondering if I should apply for SSI or SSDI? My husband gets a retirement benefit of $1224. My child gets adult benefit SSDI under her dad's record of $621. We all live together. I don't have any work credit because I have never worked.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have a golf ball tumor on my chest. I'm currently doing chemo to shrink it, then surgery and radiation afterward. I currently have gold card. If I apply for social security, how is my husband's or daughter's benefit affected by me getting SSI or SSDI and vice versa?

What should I do or apply for? Just want know before I start the process.

Unfortunately, you would not qualify for SSDI because you have not worked. You need a minimum number of work credits to qualify for Social Security Disability.

In all likelihood, you are not entitled to the need-based SSI disability program because of your spouse's income, i.e. your husband's retirement benefit is too high for you to qualify. At this point, it does not appearl that you have any options with regard to disability through Social Security.

I am sorry I do not have better information to give you. I hope your treatment goes well.

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