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Is it possible to file for Temporary Disability Income through Social Security?

Hi, I wanted to know if I can file for temporary disability income while I am out of work for the next 4 months. I am having Hip Replacement Surgery on June 20th and I was told that I can file to get some type of income while I am out on Medical Leave from my job.

I hope this is true cause I will not have enough money coming in to pay all my bills while I am out of work. Could you please advise me on this? OR point me in the right direction of where I can file for income help. I would deeply appreciate this.

Social Security disability is a program based upon an person being out of work for twelve months due to a disabling condition or the expectation that they will be out of be out of work for not less than twelve months.

In fact, this is something of an arbitrary minimum length; the presumption, of course, is that the individual will disabled for the long-term, quite possibly permanently. Disability judges and disability examiners award claims with the thought in mind that the individual may never be able to return to substantial and gainful work activity (though a person's claim will periodically come under review).

It is not a short-term disability program. If you are planning on returning to work in four months there is not much of a chance for Social Security benefits unless you are, according to the medical evidence far more disabled than even you realize.

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