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What if a husband and wife are both receiving disability?

Yes, if both individuals in a marriage receive social security disability benefits it won't make a difference for either one of them as far as A. their eligibility to receive monthly disability benefits and B. how much they can receive as a monthly benefit amount.

As I've mentioned in a number of prior posts, SSDI a.k.a. social security disability insurance, is a federal insurance entitlement benefit (which is why it is also referred to as DIB, which stands for disability insurance benefits). And since it is, an individual who applies for disability and is found to be medically disabled will receive monthly benefits as long as they are not engaged in work activity above a certain limit (to see this limit on work earnings, view this page: substantial gainful activity, or SGA). Being married to someone, even to someone who also has a disability and receives SSDI will make no difference whatsoever.

However, with SSI disability, things are different. As I've stated numerous times here, SSI is a need-based program that is subject to asset restrictions (the asset limit for SSI eligibility is two thousand dollars). SSI is also a program that considers family income. So, if you receive SSI disability and your spouse has earned income, this can count against you and potentially make you ineligible to receive benefits.

To reiterate, if both individuals in a marriage receive social security disability, neither can affect the other's benefits, whether one or both is working or not. However, if two individuals are married and one receives SSI, the income of the spouse can potentially make the individual receiving disability ineligible.

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