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Partial Disability and Social Security Disability SSI

Just one sentence will suffice on the subject of partial disability benefits from the social security administration: they don't exist. I've probably been asked this question a few dozen times over the last few years. And it's really a reasonable question. After all, the military rates individuals on percentages of disability. However, with social security disability and SSI, it doesn't work that way.

In the SSA system, an individual is either disabled or not disabled, and, thus, will be approved or denied. The federal system is also different from other systems in that there is no temporary disability (i.e. no distinction between long and short disability status), although administrative law judges will sometimes award closed periods (benefits awarded for definable periods of disability in situations where claimants do not qualify for ongoing SSD or SSI benefits).

This page, Does Social Security offer Partial Disability Benefits? answers the following questions: 1: When does SSA consider a person fully disabled?; and 2: How does social security measure a person's ability or inability to work?

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