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Social Security Disability SSI - Working Parent, Autistic Child

"I have an autistic child who is 14 y/o and he just began receiving SSI the last year that I have not worked due to dealing with issues that have to do with my child. Now that my child's situation is better I was getting ready to jump back into the work force. Well it turns out that my 4 y/o may have autism. He is having several issues and I would like to know if while I settle this 2nd child into therapies and such would he qualify for additional SSI? I really want to head back to work but I want to make sure my boys are taken care of financially while I can get back to work. Thanks!"

The fact that you have one autistic child who is receiving SSI disability benefits in no way affects your ability to apply for, and receive SSI disability benefits for, your younger son.

But since SSI disability benefits are based upon income and resources, it is more likely that your re-entering the work force would have more of an effect upon your children's ability to receive SSI disability benefits.

In fact, it is possible that both your children may be determined to be medically disabled according to the guidelines of the SSI disability program and still be unable to receive a monetary benefit due to your work activity and earned income.

Until the age of eighteen children's SSI benefit amounts and eligibility are affected by their parents income, which means if your income may put your family above the income limits for the SSI disability program.

Should this be the case, your children's benefits may be terminated. Additionally, if an SSI beneficiary's benefits are terminated for more than a year, they must begin the entire disability process again. Even if your income does not terminate your children's SSI disability benefits, there is the possibility that it could drastically reduce their monetary monthly benefits amount.

I should mention the possibility of your child or children's medicaid eligibility being affected by your income as well. Both SSI disability and Medicaid are need-based disability programs; consequently eligibility for these programs is affected by income and resources.

There is no real way for anyone to really advise you as to what you should do, however I hope this information will aid you in determining whether or not it is the best decision to return to work.

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