SSI regulations concerning shared household expenses

The following is a question about the SSI program and how living arrangements are taken into consideration when determining whether or not an SSI disability beneficiary will receive their full monthly SSI benefit, or whether it will be reduced because there are other individuals living in the same household who paying a percentage of the household expenses

I don't remember the disability regulations that applied to me earlier. What I seem to remember is that my payments have to include a percentage amount that is required to be put towords rent, utilites, etc at the place where I live. In my situation, I receive $721 a month. I take out $278 to give to the owner of the house which is over the required % as it includes a contribution for nonessentials like cable, etc.

Again, what is the required pecentage?

Thank you.

If you live in a household with 4 individuals, your share would be 21% of the household essential bills. If there are two in the household, your share is 50%. I hope this helps.

About the Author: Tim Moore is a former Social Security Disability Examiner in North Carolina, has been interviewed by the NY Times and the LA Times on the disability system, and is an Accredited Disability Representative (ADR) in North Carolina. For assistance on a disability application or Appeal in NC, click here.

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