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Can I qualify for disability if I am working?

Work is a very important eligibility requirement for qualifying for disability. Social Security’s definition of disability states that your disabling condition must have prevented you from performing SGA for twelve continuous months or your expect that it will prevent you from performing SGA for twelve continuous months.

SGA is a monthly earnings limit that Social Security considers to be self-supporting. Each year the limit increases a small amount.

The SGA limit is in place not matter what your disabling condition is or how severe, in fact, your disabling condition could be terminal. If you are performing SGA your disability claim will be denied without ever being sent for a medical disability determination.

If you are working but you are not earning over the SGA limit, your disability claim will be taken and sent for a medical disability determination. A word of caution, if you are medically approved for disability, your disability claim may still be denied for performance of SGA.

In conclusion, you can qualify for disability even if you are working provided you work activity is not over the limit. SGA does not consider that you are working less hours just what you are earning.

For instance if a person is working 25 hours a week with a pay of $15.00 an hour may be over the SGA limit, while another person working 35 hours per week making $7.25 per hour may be under the limit.

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