What is a normal time to wait on a disability hearing judge's decision?

How long is the wait for the decision of the judge after the disability hearing?

The longest part of the wait for a judge's decision is the wait time for the hearing itself. The statistics vary from hearing office to hearing office but suffice it to say most disability applicants are waiting more than 500 days for their disability hearing. Social Security Disability hearing offices are experiencing huge hearing back loads and that simply makes wait times worse. They are trying to mitigate this by remanding disability cases that are most likely a fully favorable to state disability agencies to process. Most Social Security field offices are seeing an increase in the number of remanded disability cases. If your disability case is remanded you will mostly like have to wait less time for an actual disability decision. Unfortunately, most disability applicants will have to wait for their disability hearing because the only cases that can remanded are those that are obviously a fully favorable allowance. If you have a representative or attorney they can sometimes hurry your hearing date by filing a letter of dire need. These letters must be supported by evidence of possible eviction, foreclosure, or loss of power, water, etc. and still there is no guarantee you will get a quicker date as most disability applicants are experiencing financial problems. Still worth an effort if you are in dire straits. As we can see long wait times for a Social Security Disability hearing are the norm and not unusual. So how long will it take the judge issue their formal decision after you have completed the hearing? Generally, most disability hearing decisions are completed in about six weeks, although it could take up to 90 days to get your earning decision. There are times when an ALJ will inform a disability applicant that they will try to get their decision done in 30 days but this is not the norm. There is really no way to be more precise as most ALJs do not have time to write their own decisions. The judge sends their decision to decisional writers to complete the formal decision. Once the writer has completed the formal decision it still must be reviewed by the ALJ prior to your receiving a disability decision. All of this takes time so the only thing you can be sure of is that your wait time is nearly over once you have gone to your disability hearing.

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