When does Social Security start doing SSDI periodic reviews?

After you get approved, you will still have periodic reviews

When a person is approved for SSDI or SSI disability, their case receives a diary date for a future medical review. Most medical diaries are three years or seven years depended upon the likelihood of medical improvement. If you are a younger individual your disability case may receive a three-year diary even though there is very little likelihood of medical improvement. It seems the older you are the more likely your disability case will receive a 7-year permanent disability diary date. There is no reason to be worried about SSDI or SSI periodic medical reviews, if you have not gone back to the performance of SGA or your medical sources do not indicate you have medically improved. There are some disabling conditions that by their very nature are likely to show medical improvement. For example, if you were approved on the basis of a cancer diagnosis and at this time you are in remission or the cancer was cured through surgery or other therapies the basis of your approval has been removed. However, just because you were originally approved because of cancer it does not mean that medical improvement will be found if you are in remission or technically cured of cancer. Social Security Disability is based on functional ability rather than specific impairments. If your cancer treatment or cancer left you with severe functional limitations you may continue to receive disability even though you were initially were approved due to the cancer. This is an example that could be true of many medical impairments. In review, all SSDI and SSI disability cases are scheduled for medical reviews from the very beginning, so they need to be considered a normal part of receiving benefits. Most disability beneficiaries will have to go through more than one CDR (continuing disability review) during the time they receive disability benefits.

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