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Can I get both Social Social Security disability and SSI?

Maybe. There are situations that you may be eligible to receive both SSDI and SSI benefits. If you are approved for SSDI, you have a five-month waiting period for which SSDI disability benefits are not paid. During this waiting period many SSDI beneficiaries are eligible to receive benefits from the need based SSI disability program, however their eligibility will end the month they are eligible to receive SSDI benefits. The reason for this is that their SSDI disability amount exceeds the income limit SSI disability.

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For example, the 2019 maximum SSI disability amount is $771.00; if your SSDI exceeds that amount you become ineligible for SSI. If you are approved for SSDI but your disability benefit is below $771.00 (2019), you may be able to be paid from both disability programs to ensure that you are at least being paid the maximum SSI monthly disability amount. In fact, concurrent disability beneficiaries receive an additional 20 dollars per month making their maximum total $791.00 in 2019.

In order to be eligible for both programs, you will have to continually meet the income and resource limits of the SSI program. If you do not meet the income and resource limits of this program, your SSI benefits stop but your SSDI continues. Keep in mind SSDI is not a need based program, therefore not subject to the requirements of the SSI disability program.

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