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Will Social Security Disability Pay for X-rays or an MRI?

In some cases Social Security will pay for x-rays if the disability examiner thinks they are necessary for himself, or necessary for a physician performing a consultative exam (commonly referred to as a social security medical exam, CEs are brief examinations given to determine the claimantís current medical condition) to make a decision on a claim.

However, Social Security pays for x-rays only when they are absolutely essential to decide a claim. MRIs and other screenings of this nature: i.e., CT scans, bone scans, etc., are not covered by Social Security due to the cost involved in obtaining this information.

Fortunately, many people who file for SSD based on ongoing medical conditions such as back pain, spinal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis, seizure activity, etc., have already undergone treatment for these conditions with an independent physician. In such cases, the results of advanced medical imaging techniques needed to diagnose these types of disabilities may already be in the patientís medical file.

Ideally anyone who files for disability benefits will have received medical treatment in the past and established a medical history with a treating physician or physicians. If, due to financial constraints or other reasons this is not the case, Social Security will schedule the CE needed to close the case, which could include x-rays, but not any sort of advanced imaging techniques.

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