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Narcolepsy, Social Security Disability, and Applying for Benefits

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It is estimated that three million individuals worldwide suffer from narcolepsy and that there are about 200,000 in the United States alone. Narcolepsy is a life long neurological disorder that involves excessive daytime sleeping that occurs at inappropriate times and places for which there is no known cure. The cause of narcolepsy is not known; although there are indicators that narcolepsy may be the result of an autoimmune disorder or a genetic problem.

There are four classic symptoms of narcolepsy; cataplexy (muscle weakness that can be mild to total collapse), sleep paralysis (paralysis of the body immediately after waking up), hypnogogia (vivid dream like state with audio, visual, and tactile sensations just prior to falling asleep and just after waking up), automatic behavior (purposeless verbal or motor behavior with no conscious control from the individual).

Treatment of narcolepsy is based upon symptoms and therapeutic results, consequently each individual narcolepsy suffer has their own treatment plan. Treatment might include tricyclic anti depressants such as imipramine and clonipramine (cataplexy), amphetamine based drugs such as methylephenidate, racemic amphetamine, or even methamphetamine, and behavioral adjustments (taking short naps, not driving when sleepy etc.)

Medication and relaxation techniques have proven useful in treating narcolepsy. Other natural substances used to treat narcolepsy include lecithin, flaxseed, and cayenne powder.

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