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Can disability be awarded for depression for a time until I am fully recovered?

To whom it may concern, I am currently suffering from major depression and anxiety. So far my treatments are failing and I am considering disability. Can disability be awarded for a time until I am fully recovered? Or is it permanent once I apply and am awarded?

Social Security disability is a long-term permanent disability program. You must have been disabled for twelve months or expect to be disabled for twelve months to meet the most basic eligibility criteria.

Note: disability examiners who make decisions on SSD and SSI claims at the disability application and reconsideration appeal levels use a five-step sequential evaluation process and work activity--whether or not a person is engaged in it and whether or not they are making than the allowable limit--is addressed immediately. As stated in section 404.1520 of title 20 of the code of federal regulations "At the first step, we consider your work activity, if any. If you are doing substantial gainful activity, we will find that you are not disabled".

If you find that after you are awarded disability benefits you can return to work, just report your work activity to Social Security and follow their instructions. If you are able to stay working, eventually your disability will terminate. However, there are many safe guards such as trial work months, an extended period of disability, and expedited reinstatements to help you if you should have to stop working due to the same disabling condition that you were initially awarded disability benefits for. I hope this information helps.

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