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The 24 month Waiting Period for medicare when you get Social Security Disability

I've blogged several times about this aspect of the social security disability system, which is the fact that before before an approved SSD claimant can receive medicare coverage, they must "serve" a two year wait (the wait does not pertain to SSI disability since SSI recipients are potentially eligible to receive medicaid).

The two year wait begins from the date from the date of entitlement (the date of entitlement is the date that equals the established onset of disability plus the 5 month waiting period---another strange, arbitrary means of cheating approved claimants out of something, this time 5 actual months of disability benefits).

Why does the 24 month wait for medicare benefits exist? I've never found a valid reason for it and I've always assumed it had to do with maintaining a cap on program expenses. What else could the reason be?

Well, today, I visited Attorney Charles Hall's blog (Mr. Hall is a practicing social security disability attorney in North Carolina, is the former president of NOSSCR, the national organization of social security claimant's representatives, and authors perhaps the best attorney's blog on the topic of social security disability / SSI, which can be found at Social Security News) and this seems to be his opinion as well. The 24 month wait for medicare coverage serves no logical purpose.


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