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Is there a connection between IBS and other disorders?

Are individuals who suffer from IBS also likely to suffer from other medical conditions and disorders as well? According to Dr. Alexander Cole of Boston University, who conducted a study of approximately 100,000 patients, that may be the case.

In Dr. Cole's study, patients who had been diagnosed with IBS, also known as irritable bowel syndrome, were sixty percent more likely to suffer from migraines, have fibromyalgia, or depression than individuals who did not have irritable bowel syndrome.

How much more likely were these conditions to exist in a patient who had previously been diagnosed with IBS? The numbers were actually fairly substantial. Patients being treated for irritable bowel syndrome were forty percent more likley to be depressed. They were also sixty percent more likely to suffer from migraines. Lastly, individuals with IBS were found to be eighty percent more likely to have fibromyalgia.

As to what accounts for these correlations, there are no definitive answers. However, gender may possibly play a role. In the case of all four conditions (fibromyalgia, depression, migraines, and IBS), females account for a substantial majority of diagnosed cases.

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